Structural Biology and Biophysics Training Program (SBB-TP)


The Structural Biology and Biophysics Training Program (sbb-tp) coordinates admission, first semester education, as well as advanced training throughout the graduate years through elective journal clubs and seminar series. Ideal candidates for admission have strong quantitative skills as evidenced by a Bachelor's or Master’s degree in physics, chemistry, engineering, computer sciences, bioinformatics, biophysics or related sciences. Due to the translational aspects of many research projects, applicants should have a keen interest in learning about biomedicine.

The first semester curriculum can be tailored to the background and interest of the incoming student. Overall fewer credits are required for students who have Master’s degrees and they typically take more advanced/elective courses earlier. After the first semester students join a specific department and follow the PhD program provided by that department.

Entering the individual departments via the structural biology and biophysics track has several advantages (e.g. a wider choice of laboratories for rotation, belonging to an interdepartmental community of structural biologists and biophysicists). We encourage highly motivated domestic as well as outstanding international applicants to apply. Tuition fees are waived and a stipend of $29,500 per year is paid to all qualified students. There is no requirement for any teaching during the PhD, though the program has a strong emphasis on developing presentation and writing skills.

If you are interested, please consider completing the online preapplication form, hosted on the Department of Physiology and Biophysics website and submitting it to us. This is entirely voluntary but will allow you to get feedback from the committee without having to submit a full application (and pay a fee). Please get this pre-application submitted to us by January 14, 2019. However, priority will be given to applications received by December 17, 2018. The program is competitive since we only have a few slots each year. Candidates we look for have GPAs > 3.2, GRE scores > 70% (esp. for the mathematical part) and if foreign a TOEFL score > 90. Many successful candidates have had prior experience with structural biology and/or biophysical techniques and obtained a research based Master's degree elsewhere. We will invite selected candidates to complete a full application and then for in-person and phone interviews in early mid Dec. 2018 to early mid Jan. 2019.

For more information and questions about the program:

Bryan Jarmush Program Coordinator

Bryan Jarmush
Manager of Graduate Education
Case Western Reserve University
Dept. Physiology & Biophysics
Attn: Bryan Jarmush
SOM E527
10900 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106-4970